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Websites and how they can support business

Your website is your digital property and can be a useful tool for any business. Websites vary in scope but every website should be set up to capture information. Your website can be your greatest listening tool.

Your website is the eyes and ears of your business

A website can be set up to collect all kinds of information including where your traffic comes from, location, demographics, search queries, etc. You can easily capture the names, phone numbers, emails, and questions of individuals that have engaged with your site. Monitoring this information will empower you to make the right business decisions. Understand your customer’s needs and positioning your website to be a solution.

  • Collect email addresses
  • Quantify the number of leads that contact you each month 
  • Look for commonalities in questions/comments


Why is my website not listed for a specific google search?

The short answer is that Google is listing others ahead of you. To fully understand why you are not listed it pays to learn how google works and the algorithm that organizes the world’s information. Applying best practices of search engine optimization increases your websites google rankings.

What keywords should I rank for?

It’s always a good idea to research what google search terms your competitors are being listed. Making a wish list of your desired keywords is the first step in any accountable seo program. At rpm65.com, we agree on keyword goals and provide results via third party reporting.

How much does SEO cost?

An estimate is based on the number of keywords. Once this is determined a quote is provided based on work involved to achieve the keyword rankings.